About Us


Our Approach

In developing and managing hotels, our approach is focused, intelligent and market driven. Perhaps more insightful than other hotel developers, the Opus team specializes in conceiving, planning and positioning uniquely successful boutique hotels in superior, sought after,  locations. Emphasizing the quality of the guest experience in every detail, Opus develops, "flags",  and manages hotels that exceed in achieving above market financial metrics.

Meet the Team

John deC. Evans

Founder & CEO

With a thirty-five year career in real estate, John deCourcey Evans is considered one of  Canada's foremost business and community leaders. His career accomplishments range from the conceptualization and development of the internationally acclaimed boutique hotel company, OPUS Hotels, to his role as the lead developer for Intrawest's Resort on Blackcomb, which set the benchmark for the billion dollar explosion of real estate development in Whistler beginning in the mid '80s.

Demonstrating a unique insight into the needs and wants of today's consumer, whether it be for retail goods and services, a resort home or a unique hotel or restaurant "experience", Evan's ideas are grounded in a solid understanding of business, finance and real estate dynamics. His marketing acumen is legendary - in fact, many of the advanced real estate marketing strategies that British Columbia is noted for are rooted in the development of John Evans' career where, if not actually originated by him, they were most certainly honed to a fine art through his adaptation.

Tom Johnston, MBA


With over twenty five years experience in real estate development and asset management in residential, commercial and hospitality based real estate in resort, urban and suburban markets, Tom Johnston has been involved with OPUS Hotels since its inception and is a partner in the business. Johnston applies his analytical skills and intuitive sense to the financial, legal and management requirements of each hotel. Johnston has a strong desire to maximize returns and mitigate risk over the life cycle of each property and focuses on maximizing top and bottomline performance while ensuring the ongoing capital and financing requirements for each property are met.

Katherine Evans

Brand Director

A Vancouver native, Katherine has grown to be the inspiring leader and expert in her field through experiences in real estate, hospitality, technology, retail and sales & marketing. As a Vice President of the OPUS Hotels in Vancouver and Montreal for 15 years, Katherine managed, developed, expanded and fostered what is considered today Canada's Leading Boutique Hotel Brand. Managing all aspects of the business, Katherine has gained extensive experience with PR, Marketing, Sales, Recruiting, Strategic Leadership and Business Development. Experienced in brand & culture management in addition to people development, volume recruitment and Marketing & Sales.

A big thinker and visionary - the idea is the core of all great things.

The strategic development of a team to bring it to life and sustain any business is the key to success.

Rene Bustamante, MCS

Revenue Optimization & Digital Engagement Strategist

A technology strategist specializing in the development of Revenue Optimization and Digital Engagement Strategies for Opus Hotels Group.

It is generally accepted that improved business processes contribute to revenue growth. But often we’re not aware of the amount and quality of information that is readily available from both internal and external sources, that when combined with “web and predictive analytics”, enbles one to utilize a “digital brand engagement” strategy that will contribute significantly to the bottom line.

What I do well, is to work with our hotels to efficiently examine and collect internal (historical) data about the business, organize it, and then condense it into a meaningful and useful tool from which to launch a business strategy. This effort alone often becomes an agent of change that improves revenue. Equally important, it becomes the baseline for using tools like web and predictive analytics to formulate a Digital Engagement Strategy that optimizes your business revenue. Harnessing the value of these, is what I do best.