Experience the magic of Opus


Our hotels and resorts

In envisioning one of the world’s foremost boutique hotel brands, founder and “magician” John deC. Evans, continues to develop hotels that respond to the wants and needs of the aspirational traveler, no matter their age or circumstance. Always embracing an intimate, residential sensibility with a keen awareness for functionality and forward-looking technology, Opus Hotels evolve into the future always respectful of their time and place.

Our Restaurants, Bars and Nightlife

“If only the walls could talk … from my favorite weekend stomping ground with celebrities sequestered in private corners and crazy pajama parties, to restaurants with chefs whose cooking is kissed with passion.” *

By featuring local talent with our chefs, restaurateurs and bartenders, says Opus’ John deC Evans. We engage the communities where our hotels are located making them their own.

*Alexandra Gill, The Globe and Mail – August 25th, 2017

Our Guests

At Opus, hospitality is practiced as the friendly and generous reception and entertainment of our guests, our visitors and yes, even their dogs! Says Opus’ John deC. Evans. We treat our hotels guests in the same manner that we would welcome guests into our own home – offering them a vibrant, yet always welcoming dining experience, a late night champagne-fest, then retiring to a luxurious bedroom for rest and relaxation. Our guests and their desires are our preoccupation and thus the recognition of Opus Hotels as among the world’s greatest.

You are defined by where you stay.

You are one of a select group of travelers who pursue the unique, from one journey to another, with each destination, a new discovery and a new experience. And where you stay says a great deal about who you want to be.